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The Designer

Dagot'ee Shii Buddies!

My name is Sa-ha-na Jackson. Originally when I started Native Clay Co. I had just stumbled upon a fun, new hobby and I just wanted to crank out earrings. However, this past year has been a year of rediscovering myself, my cultures, and my roots. I was Miss Yavapai-Apache Nation (2020-2021), and this accomplishment went far beyond just a title for me. My role prompted me to dive deeper into educating myself on my language, cultures, and history.  I realized my business could be the perfect place to plant and harvest the passion and love that I have for my cultures and to create designs that honor both my heart for my people and for God. Aheeiyeh for your support always. 

Your new buddy,

Sa-ha-na Jackson


But now, O Lord,

You are our Father;

We are the Clay, and you are our potter;

And we are all the work of your hand 

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